Unexpected Grace 3

Concluding our series on unexpected grace, we look at how Christ came into the world, born of a virgin, despised, rejected, condemned and dying as a criminal as a result of our rebellion and sin. Yet God’s unexpected grace is shown specifically in Jesus, since not only is the one we rejected the one who was above all others the recipient of the grace of God, but also through his suffering and death he became the means whereby God’s grace was made available to us. In his resurrection we see the one despised and forsaken being vindicated by God and the one in whom he delights, and from whom we receive all grace from God.

Sermon: Unexpected Grace 3


Called according to God’s Purpose

Many people do not have a purpose in life which gives them a sense of meaning. God has called everyone to a task in the human commission to care for the earth as its stewards. The Gospel, clearly and correctly explained, shows how we are to show those without a sense of purpose how the meaning which faith gives to all can be of benefit to them.

Sermon: Called according to God’s purpose

Knowing the will of God

Many people struggle with discerning the will of God for their lives, wanting to know what it is that God wants them to do. Some seek to know the will of God for every decision they have to take. But is the will of God something that we have to beseech God to reveal to us, or do we already have his will revealed for our lives? While God may at times make us aware of what he wishes us to do with regard to a specific decision, in general we can turn to the Scriptures to learn what it is that he wishes us to do.

Sermon: Knowing the will of God

Christ and the Spirit

In the Gospel of John 7 we read that Jesus stood up in the temple and cried “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” This is typically taken to mean that the believers will have streams of living water flow from them. But we can also interpret the text differently so that it refers to Christ from whom the living waters flow. This is more consistent with what the Scriptures say elsewhere abou the relationship between Christ and the Spirit.

Sermon: Christ and the Spirit