Marriage and Family Life

Elsewhere I have written about the need for due respect to be given to the solemn public vows that are made by a woman and a man together and to each other in front of witnesses when they become husband and wife in any Christian celebration of marriage. I also recall, as a member of various Christian congregations,  to have been present when baptism was administered. Then along with others in the congregation I added my voice to the solemn congregational vow made on that occasion to do all in my/our power to support, build up and assist in the nurture of this “babe in Christ Jesus.” Is not the health of the Christian way of life expressive of the faith by which we keep such solemn promises. We are simply restored servants, image-bearers of the living God, who have been restored because God, in Christ Jesus, has kept and continues Alpha to Omega, beginning to end, to keep his promises. As much as there is a need for a public-legal reformation that will give due respect to the vows that are made publicly by citizens, so also the Christian congregation, as organised by and for the “communion of the saints” and public worship, stands in great need of rediscovering the blessedness of kept vows in our corporate lives. A kept vow is simply a way of imaging God, a dimension of our thankfulness for his merciful blessings overflowing in our lives.