Freedom in Christ Alone

Everyone wishes to be free, but often we seek freedom in ways which result not in freedom, but in a new form of bondage. Since we believe that freedom is a gift of God to humanity, then alienation from God will result in bondage – specifically, bondage to sin. Freedom then can come only with redemption in Christ.

Sermon: Freedom in Christ alone


The glory of the unseen God

The Scriptures are clear that what we can know of God is only that which he has revealed to us of himself. There is no way we can find out anything about God except through his revelation. Even then, we must be careful not to speculate beyond what God has said.

The pre-eminent revelation of God is of course through Christ, God in the flesh, come to dwell among us. As Jesus said, He who has seen me has seen the Father. There is nothing more that we need than that.

Sermon: The glory of the unseen God