The Holy Spirit – giver of every good and perfect gift

Many Christians are fascinated by spiritual gifts, understood in a limited way. But God the Holy Spirit is the God of diversity and richness, and the gifts given by the Spirit are also diverse and very rich. The God who created a world full of diversity is a God who relishes diversity in us as well, and gifts us accordingly – no two of us are gifted alike.

Sermon: Holy Spirit giver of every good and perfect gift


Fascination with angels

There has been a craze in recent years for anything to do with angels. There are shops dedicated to pictures, statues, books and trinkets all to do with angels. But these are not the angels of the Bible, the servants of God sent to minister to those who are being saved. No, they are the figments of our fallen human imaginations, and in the deceptive nature of what is said about these angels, they lead us away from God.

Sermon: Fascination with Angels

In the world but not of the world

In his “high priestly prayer” in John 17, Jesus prayed for his disciples not that they would be taken out of the world, but that they would be kept safe in the world. But the world of which Jesus speaks here is not this earth on which we live, but the system of ungodliness arrayed against the Lord in disobedience. Our responsibility is to bring the message of the Gospel to this world, so that it can hear the message of redemption. We are called to live differently, not like those in the world, but in grace, peace and love for all. We are not to be tolerant of the “lifestyle choices” of others where these conflict with the calling of God, but to model and teach a way of life which demonstrates obedience to God.

Sermon: In the world but not of the world