Hebrews 1:1-3

Today I begin a series of sermons on the Letter to the Hebrews. This letter can be somewhat daunting due to the familiarity with the old Testament temple ritual which it presupposes, but through it all there is one constant theme: Christ is better than anything which has gone before. He completes it, sums it up, brings it to its planned conclusion. Only in the light of the coming of Christ can the Old Testament be properly understood, as Christ is the summation and completion of all that the Old Testament looked forward to.

Sermon: Hebrews 1 1-3



The work of the Holy Spirit in the resurrection of the believer

This posting is a lightly revised version of a paper written in my student days many years ago. It explores how the Holy Spirit is at work in us both now and in the future to bring us to full eternal life at the return of Christ when we will all be raised and transformed to be like him.

Study: The work of the Holy Spirit in the resurrection of the believer

But some doubted

The story of “Doubting Thomas” is well known from the gospel of John. He is seen as the epitome of the sceptic, the unbeliever, in contrast to the other disciples, who had no doubts about the resurrection of Jesus. But a careful look at the gospels discloses quite another story. Many of the disciples doubted even when Jesus stood there before them. The attitude of Thomas was not that unusual after all.

Sermon: But Some Doubted