Jesus ate in their presence

Some years ago many were fascinated by the reports of the discovery of the Gospel of Judas. This long-lost Gnostic gospel was celebrated as providing a “new light” on the story of Jesus, but in actuality it shows only how far the Gnostics were from true Christianity. In contrast to the sentimental and “super-spiritual” Jesus disclosed in this false gospel, the true Jesus was really human and demonstrated this before and after his resurrection.

Sermon: Jesus ate in their presence


Can a gate prevail against the church? Matthew 16:18

As we reflect on the events of Palm Sunday and Easter, it is well to be reminded of the promise of Christ that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the church. But what exactly does it mean to say that the gates would not prevail? Can a gate prevail? Or is something else intended?

This study suggests that what is intended are not literal or metaphorical conflict in which gates are attacked but cannot prevail, but the wisdom which emanates from the gates of the city, which is where in Israel the decisions of the elders were made, justice was done, and disputes settled. The wisdom of Hell will not prevail against the wisdom granted by Christ through the Spirit to the church – his people.

Study: Can a gate prevail against the church? Matthew 16:18

The coming of the King – Palm Sunday

Christ first came as king to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday – riding on a donkey, receiving the acclamation of the people. But they turned against him and he was crucified under a mocking title “This is the king of the Jews” – Israel, this man, crucified and dying, is your king! Some king you have! But that king showed in his acceptance of unjust punishment that he was indeed the man God had chosen to be king not just of Israel but of all creation.

Sermon: The Coming of the King – Palm Sunday

What is the Bible all about?

The way we approach the Bible has a significant impact on how we understand its message. If we read it as a book of spiritual comfort, or as a source-book for theological doctrine, or as a piece of interesting literature, we will miss its real message. The Bible must be read as a whole, as it narrates a single integral story from beginning to end. We need to understand that story before we can understand how any passage fits within that overall framework.

Sermon: What is the Bible all about

Called to be a Kingdom of Priests

God calls us to faith, and in responding to God, we are incorporated into the new people he is forming. This new people is described in many ways in the Bible – the church, the body of Christ, the living temple, a holy nation, the bride of Christ. One of the images used is that of the kingdom of priests – a body of people called to the service of God, and to bring His message of redemption to the world.

Sermon: Called to be a kingdom of priests