The Triumph of the King (1)

We often struggle to deal with the tragedies and pain we experience in this world, seemingly so full of misery and suffering.

Many people ask Where is God in all this? Why does he allow this suffering to continue?

Some seek to explain suffering by some hidden purpose which God has for us, to somehow improve us through learning patience, or fortitude, or some other character improvement. I do not believe that this is what the Bible teaches. Instead, we read there that God is fully engaged with his world, with the people who inhabit it, and has provided a means whereby evil can be overcome. However, we often fail to recognise or acknowledge the solution God has provided – redemption through Christ.

In this sermon I seek to explain how the Scriptures address the persistence of human suffering, and how Christ is God’s answer to our most painful questions. This sermon is the first of a series of three, with the other sermons to be posted shortly.

Sermon: The Triumph of the King 1.

For Part 2 see: The Triumph of the King (2)

For Part 3 see: The Triumph of the King 3


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